Behind The Scenes - Australian Coastal Photoshoot Behind The Scenes - Australian Coastal Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes - Australian Coastal Photoshoot

1 minute readMarch 8, 2022

Here at Alfresco we wanted to start the year with a collection very close to our hearts 'Australian Coastal'. Australia is full of breathtaking beaches that stretch all along the coastline. We wanted to design a collection that highlights all of our favourite elements from the ocean such as the soft muted hues of blue and the vast range of seashells found within the sand. 

Behind the scenes 1

It was a joy to be apart of the photoshoot that brought this collection to life which had a full team of creative geniuses working hands on. Our team of stylists and visual merchandisers perfectly setup each room with such flair and precision to ensure each space would look perfect on camera. The marketing team focused on managing the team and ensuring all the content was our vision being brought to life. For this photoshoot we had the amazingly talented photographer Brigid Arnott on our team to create the beautiful imagery for our campaign. 
 Behind the scenes 2

The photographs and final videos from this photoshoot perfectly showcase our new product range you can explore on our website. We hope that you enjoy this collection as much as we had creating it for you. 

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