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Organic Road

Did you start the day coconut oil pulling or eating a big bowl of quinoa porridge topped with chia seed pudding? Well, if you did, you are off to a great start.

More and more we are becoming educated in the world of superfoods and bringing them into our daily lives. A decade ago nobody would have rocked up to school with a green smoothie in their lunch box or a salad of quinoa, amaranth and kale. As they say, knowledge is power and I challenge you to start investigating and trying some of these amazing foods. It doesn't mean you have to ditch your Wednesday night curry or mum's shepard's pie, but maybe consider substituting some of the ingredients, adding some superfoods and making your choices a little healthier. A good start is to search for recipes online or if you're more of an old school cookbook kind of person, check out Rena Patten's latest book on superfoods. It's packed with great recipes, however, the part I enjoyed the most was reading about why these foods are so super.

Rena Patten

As you introduce more of these healthy options and superfoods into your diet I think it is important to buy as clean as possible. If you are going to the trouble of spending those extra few dollars to invest into a healthier you, why not make sure you are buying the organic version of the product. Sometimes the process of harvesting and creating your superfood on the shelf can actually destroy some of the integrity of the product.

At Alfresco we back the organic brand Organic Road, which is available online and from our Collaroy store. It is a high quality product insuring you are getting the best out of your superfood.