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Styling With Aqua

A little splash of blueish-green can liven up any interior. Whether it's aqua, sea glass, turquoise, teal, azure or 'blueish-green', whatever you call it, can totally transform and freshen...

Decorating With Light Blues & White

There are many different ways to create an elegant room, but sometimes when it comes to mixing heavy timber and raw elements there can be some trepidation. Learn how...

How To Choose Art For Your Home

Choosing art can be a daunting prospect, but if you bear a few simple tricks in mind you will be curating your own home gallery in no time.

Home Office Decorating Ideas

We have rounded up a few of our favourite desks to create home office spaces that we can guarantee will make working more enjoyable.

Using bright colours in your home

Say goodbye to Christmas and hello to some bright, happy colours in our Collaroy store windows.

Styling A Printer's Tray

If you are a bit of a bower-bird like us, then printer's trays are a great way to turn your collection into a work of art.

Gift Wrapping Guide

You can make the sometimes daunting task of wrapping lots of presents fun by adding a little creativity and personality to each gift.

Styling with Grey & White

Grey and white is classy and crisp and mixed with crystal, white coral and glass there is no negative distraction to the eye. Everything will work together in harmony...

Bathroom Styling

After a long day there is nothing nicer than turning on the shower and washing away the day; coming out fresh, relaxed and rejuvenated. View our bathroom styling tips.

Styling With Blue & White

Whether you are mixing it to create a Hamptons, Plantation or seaside style, blue & white are always fresh and timeless. Read our tips to make this classic combination...

Eight Tips for Creating Vignettes With Art

Creating vignettes throughout your home adds interest and is often what sets you apart from others. They are a little space where you can tell a story; a reflection...

Trend Forecast 2015

Last week a few of the girls from our Collaroy store were lucky enough to go to a trend conference put on by The Paint Place in Collaroy. Read...

The Aflresco Blog

Our blog is a reading nook with plenty of inspirational images to get your fix of homewares and interior aspirations along with recipes, news, events and more.