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We have all dreamed about having our own butler like in Downton Abbey and while we can't sell you one of those, we do think we have found the next best thing. Made in England by Town Talk Polish Co. Ltd, which was established in 1895, this collection of cleaning products is the secret to a good butler's success.

Great kitchen cleaning products from Town Talk.

It's a sure way to inspire some spring cleaning. Yes, we all hate it, but I'm sure you would agree that once it is done you really do get a great sense of satisfaction. So, if you are looking for something to kick start your cleaning mojo, then invest in some of these beautifully scented cleaning products.

There is a different product for each application, some don't even require elbow grease. For example, the crystal cleaner just asks you to spray a generous amount on and “hey, presto”. Yep, that's it, DONE!

If you are really taking your cleaning seriously there are products specifically designed for marble, wood and leather ensuring that every trace of mould, dust or grime is banished from your home and you won't be filling your home with unwanted chemicals in the process.

If anything, you may find, like me, that you have quite enjoyed using them and can now relax a little more and bask in the clarity of your sparkling clean home.

silver, stainless steel and copper polish from Town Talk.
A se;ection of vintage style tins for repairing jewellery and more.