Vases, Jars, Urns & Pots

Explore our wide range of vases, jars, urns & pots made from ceramic, glass and terracotta that come in different shapes & sizes.
Dynasty Bird Design Vase 37cm
Dynasty Bird Design Vase 35cm
Dynasty Bird Design Vase 30cm
Dynasty Ginger Jar Floral 11cm
Dynasty Jar Canisters
Navy Ginger Jars
Dynasty Lemon Biscotto Jar 200g
Barclay Temple Jar 55cm
Barclay Ginger Jar With Lion Lid
Barclay Bird Jars With Brass Lid
Barclay Jars With Brass Lid
$120.00 $279.00
Barclay Round Pots With Lid
Barclay Bowl On Pedestal 43cm
Dynasty Ginger Jar Bamboo 56cm
Barclay Planter With Gold Feet
Dynasty Bird Ginger Jar 30cm
Dynasty Bird Ginger Jar 48cm
Dynasty Ginger Jar 46cm
Dynasty Ginger Jar Bamboo 20cm
Corfu Wide Pot White 28.5cm
Corfu Wide Pot White 28.5cm
Barclay Round Planter 23cm
Barclay Round Planter 23cm
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