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If ever there was an easy way to add your own personal touch to furniture, it is by simply adding your own personalised drawer knobs.
Drawer knobs grouped together in a tray.

Here are some simple tips to guide you through the process.

1. Match drawer knobs to the style of the piece of furniture. If you have a pretty chest of drawers with lovely curved legs then go for a crystal knob or something that reflects the soft lines of the furniture. This could add that something special to your little girl's room.

2. Match them to the colour of other accents in the room. Look at what artwork is hanging or some of the other accent colours in the room and tie it all together with your new drawer knobs.

3. Go for a theme, nautical, coastal or tropical. This is such an easy way to carry your theme right across the room and it is with these little touches that your truly create something unique for you. Our collection is diverse enough to include rustic knobs, pastel girly colours, nautical styles and classic hand-painted knobs to bring new life to your old furniture.

4. For kids rooms - add some colour, mix and match for added personality. Have fun! Let the kids choose what they would like to decorate with. Make it quirky. Make it special, just for them.

5. Think outside the square. Using drawer knobs can be a great way to hang jewellery, scarves, hats, tea-towels, etc. Simply screw them into a piece of timber board/plank of wood and discover a new way to get organised with style.

Our new drawer knobs are made from ceramic, glass, marble or iron. They will last the test of time or until you wish to go for a new look with your piece of furniture.

Have fun!

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