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Complete the look with our selection of stylish and functional home accessories. From cosy throw blankets to luxurious cushions, our Décor collection offers the perfect finishing touches to your interior design. Let our meticulously curated range help you create a home that reflects your unique taste and brings joy to everyday living.

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Transform your walls into captivating focal points with our stunning wall art. Explore a variety of captivating paintings, prints, and framed pieces that evoke emotions and inspire creativity. Each artwork in our collection has been carefully selected to add character and personality to your living spaces.

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Explore our comprehensive styling guide for more information and home décor ideas on transforming the look of your home with our living room and dining room décor.


What are the popular home decorations featured in your décor collection?

From hooks and hardware to cushions and other home accents, whether you’re looking for bathroom décor or bedroom décor — we have a wide range of home décor in Australia to tie together the aesthetic appeal of your home. Our collection includes but is not limited to:

  • Cushions, throws and rugs — Elevate your comfort and style with our range of luxurious textiles, including cushions, throws and rugs. Explore textures, patterns and colours that speak to your individuality.
  • Mirrors — Mirrors not only enhance the visual space of a room but also serve as decorative accents. Discover our range of mirrors, from ornate, vintage-style frames to more modern designs.
  • Photo frames — Add a personal touch by framing a photo that captures a special moment in your life with a beautiful frame. If you’re looking for truly unique and stunning frames, we offer both beauty and functionality in our range of photo frames.
  • Sculptures — Make a statement with decorative sculptures and figurines that reflect your personality. From abstract sculptures to intricately crafted figurines, our selection is sure to inspire.
  • Trays and baskets — From baskets and display domes to decorative trays and waste paper bins, we have everything you need to organise your home in style.
  • Vases and jars — Add a touch of nature to your home with our elegant artificial plants and ornate vases and planters. Whether you prefer contemporary minimalism paired with white blossoms or classic designs paired with a colourful array of orchids, our collection includes options for showcasing your favourite blooms or greenery.
  • Wall art — Transform your walls into a gallery of creativity with our curated selection of wall décor such as paintings and prints. From intricate patterns to vintage-inspired pieces, our wide range of wall décor caters to various tastes.

  • How can I choose the right decorative pieces to match my interior style?

    Selecting the right décor pieces to achieve your desired interior style is essential to creating a harmonious living space. To make an informed choice, consider the following:

    • Settle on a particular style — Start by identifying your interior style, whether it's contemporary, traditional, bohemian, industrial or eclectic. Understanding your style will guide your décor choices.
    • Choose the right colours, textures and materials — Consider the specific elements you’d like to see in your space, based on your preferred style, and choose decorative items that either complement or contrast with it. This will also inform your choice in terms of colour, textures and materials. For instance, if you have a minimalist, modern interior, opt for sleek, metallic accents with neutral colours. In contrast, a rustic interior may benefit from natural wood, textured fabric and bold colours.
    • Choose your home décor at the appropriate size — It is also essential to ensure that the size and scale of your decorative pieces are appropriate for the space. Avoid overwhelming small rooms with large items or making larger spaces feel empty with tiny decorations.
    • Make sure to add a touch of your own personality — Incorporate personal touches, such as family photos or heirlooms, into your décor to make your home truly unique and reflective of your own history. On top of adding to the overall design, these things go a long way to making a stylish house feel like home.

    Can you suggest ways to incorporate decorative items for seasonal changes in home décor?

    The home should not be in a static, unchanging state — it should be open to change depending on the occasion and to celebrate the holidays. Seasonal changes also provide the perfect opportunity to refresh your home décor. When deciding on how to switch up your interior style, here are some home décor ideas:

    • Seasonal colour palette — Swap out cushions, throws and accessories to align with the colours of the season. Bright and vibrant colours for spring and summer, warm and cosy tones for autumn and winter.
    • Seasonal florals — Fresh flowers and seasonal greenery can instantly transform your space. Choose blooms that are in season and create stunning arrangements.

    • Themed décor — Embrace holidays and special occasions by decorating your home with themed décor. Think of ornate candleholders and dark textiles for Halloween or artificial greenery and classic table lamps with warm lighting for Christmas.