Dinner Sets

From modern to traditional, we have a great range of dinnerware to suit all tastes. Shop Dinner Settings at Alfresco Emporium today.

Alfresco Emporium is the go-to destination if you want to redefine your dining experience with an exclusive range of dinner sets in Australia. Whether you're creating the ideal outdoor setup with a melamine dinner set, adding a pop of colour with a patterned dinner set, or looking to create a more modern dining space with a minimalist, white dinner set, Alfresco Emporium offers a range that perfectly blends style and functionality and can seamlessly integrate with various design themes.

Explore our diverse range that caters to all tastes

We offer an extensive selection of dinner sets, including dinner plate sets, elegant white dinner sets, vibrant patterned dinner sets and melamine dinner sets in Australia.

For those seeking durability without compromising on style, our melamine dinnerware is the perfect choice. These sets not only showcase a sleek design but are also crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and lending an air of sophistication. If you’re after a more contemporary look, opt for the timeless charm of white dinner sets. These versatile pieces add freshness and brightness to your dining space, creating a visually appealing setting for memorable meals.

Beyond this, we also offer a wide range of other dining room essentials. From jugs and decanters to napkins, placemats and runners, discover how Alfresco Emporium can help you elevate the functionality and visual appeal of your dining room.

Alfresco Emporium — decades of top-notch offerings

Alfresco Emporium, with over 25 years of experience, is your premier source for dining essentials that enhance your home. Explore our extensive collection, with each piece meticulously curated to meet your discerning taste.

Browse our website today and experience a seamless shopping journey with Australia-wide shipping and secure payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and AfterPay. If you prefer a hands-on approach, visit our stores in Sydney and the Gold Coast. Our curated displays provide design inspiration, and our knowledgeable staff are ready to offer expert advice, guiding you through our diverse offerings.

Elevate mealtimes with Alfresco Emporium's exquisite, high-quality range of dinner sets. Contact us today if you have any questions — our team is always happy to help.


What should I consider when selecting a dinnerware set for my home?

Choosing the right dinner set involves several considerations to ensure it complements your style and meets your practical needs: 

  • Consider the material — Whether you opt for ceramics, melamine or porcelain, your choice of materials for a dinner set needs to be easy to clean, durable and sport eye-catching designs that elevate the tablescape as a whole. 
  • Choose the right size — Think about the size and shape of the plates, bowls and other components to ensure they suit your dining habits and storage space. 
  • Consider the aesthetic — Choose pieces that grab your attention and evaluate how well your dinnerware pieces coordinate with your existing tableware and décor.

Are the dinner sets offered suitable for both formal and casual dining occasions?

At Alfresco Emporium, our dinner sets and patterned dinner sets are thoughtfully curated to suit both formal and casual dining occasions. Whether you're hosting an elegant dinner party or enjoying a relaxed family meal, our diverse range caters to various styles and preferences. 

How do I care for and preserve the quality of my dinner set?

Preserving the quality of your dinner set is essential for long-lasting use and enjoyment. Here are some tips:

  • Handwash them — While many of our patterned dinner sets are dishwasher-safe, handwashing is often gentler on the material and helps maintain the set's longevity.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures — Rapid temperature changes, such as placing hot dishes in cold water, can cause damage. Allow items to cool gradually before washing.
  • Use mild solutions — Choose mild, non-abrasive dishwashing liquids to clean your dinnerware and avoid abrasive scouring pads that may scratch the surface.
  • Avoid overcrowding — When loading your dishwasher, avoid overcrowding to prevent chipping or scratching. Place items securely and use protective dividers if needed.
  • Store them properly — Store your dinner sets with care, ensuring they are stacked securely to prevent breakage. Consider using padded dividers or plate racks to protect delicate pieces.