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Browse our collection of decorative jars, vases & urns for displaying flowers, plants and other treasures.

Welcome to Alfresco Emporium's vases, jars and planters collection, where you will discover a stunning array of blue and white ceramic pieces and other classic designs that will add elegance and charm to your home. Our hand-painted vases, jars, and planters are meticulously crafted with intricate details and exquisite designs, offering a touch of timeless beauty to any space. Our collection will complement a variety of different home décor and furniture styles.

Blue and white ceramics

Our collection of classic blue and white ceramics features vases and jars adorned with captivating, Asian-inspired scenes. Delicate swirling flowers and leaves, elegant birds, bamboo motifs, and even lions crafted in relief create a sense of enchantment. Each piece showcases the craftsmanship and artistic expression behind our products.

Fresh flower glass vases

Our classic bud vases and signature straight-sided vases are perfect for displaying your fresh flower arrangements. These vases are designed to complement any interior style and provide a sleek and sophisticated backdrop for your floral displays.


In addition to our vases and jars, we offer a range of planters designed to bring fresh greenery into your home or enhance outdoor plants. Our textured plain white designs bring a touch of simplicity and elegance, while our coastal-inspired planters evoke a sense of seaside tranquillity. We also offer neutral designs that seamlessly blend with a variety of interiors, ensuring that your plants will be showcased beautifully in any setting.

Moro heads

Our unique Moro Heads collection pays homage to the iconic Sicilian Moro Head statue 'Testa di Moro.' Handcrafted in Sicily with meticulous attention to detail, these ceramic heads feature a premium glaze finish and are designed to display foliage or stand alone as captivating decor pieces. The decorative female accent vase tells a traditional Sicilian love story, adding an element of cultural richness to your home.


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