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Transform your bedroom into a serene sanctuary with Alfresco Emporium's exquisite collection. Discover a curated range of bedroom essentials, from timeless bedroom décor to other elegant furniture pieces. Immerse yourself in comfort with our luxurious pillowcases, quilts and doonas, crafted from the finest materials. Create a harmonious ambience with our selection of bedside tables, dressers, wardrobes and bedheads, designed to blend style and functionality seamlessly. Or add a bespoke touch to your bedroom décor with our lamp builder — you can create the perfect design to complement your space. No matter what pieces you choose from our expansive collection, Alfresco Emporium offers the perfect elements to elevate your bedroom retreat to new heights.

Furniture made from high-quality materials

At Alfresco Emporium, we take pride in crafting bedroom décor and furniture collections of unmatched quality, using a range of exquisite materials that enhance both beauty and durability. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our selection of bamboo, renowned for its strength and sustainability. Embrace the eco-friendly charm of bamboo furniture, which boasts a natural aesthetic and exceptional resilience.

Discover the timeless allure of rattan, meticulously handwoven to create stunning furniture pieces. Known for its flexibility and strength, rattan furniture exudes a relaxed elegance that effortlessly complements any bedroom décor.

For those seeking a touch of sophistication, our oak furniture collection is a testament to enduring craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully constructed from solid oak, renowned for its sturdiness and rich, distinctive grain patterns. The result — high-quality, beautiful furniture that promises longevity.

Explore our unique collections

We invite you to embark on a journey to elevate your bedroom through our exceptional furniture collections, each curated to bring charm and style to your home. Discover a world of inspiration and bedroom décor ideas as you explore our unique offerings:

  • Bermuda Collection — Immerse yourself in tropical vibes and coastal elegance with the Bermuda Collection. Our rattan and bamboo furniture pieces are sure to conjure up lazy, carefree summer days on the beach. 
  • Bohai Furniture — Embrace the beauty of natural materials with the Bohai Furniture Collection. Experience the artistry of handwoven rattan and bamboo, crafted into stunning pieces that add organic charm to any space. 
  • Boston Furniture — Elevate your interior with the timeless appeal of the Boston Furniture Collection. Featuring exquisite craftsmanship using reclaimed elm, these pieces exude style and enduring quality. 
  • Calais Collection — Give your space a dash of French-inspired design with the Calais Furniture Collection. From delicate details to refined finishes, these furniture pieces add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. 
  • Clara Lounges — Unwind in style with the Clara Lounges Collection. Discover plush seating options that combine comfort and chic design, offering a perfect retreat for utmost relaxation.
  • Elm Collection — The rustic charm of the Elm Furniture Collection lends a vintage vibe to any space. Crafted from reclaimed elm wood, each piece showcases a unique character and adds a touch of natural beauty to your home.
  • Hampton Outdoor Furniture — Create an outdoor oasis with the Hampton Outdoor Furniture Collection. Designed to withstand the elements, these stylish pieces offer comfort and elegance for alfresco living.
  • Hudson Furniture — Make a statement with the sophistication of the Hudson Furniture Collection. From bed stools to bed heads, these stately pieces lend an Old World vibe to any bedroom.
  • New Hampshire — Discover the enduring allure of the New Hampshire Collection. Crafted from oak and showcasing classic designs, these elegant, graceful furniture pieces make for great additions to your bedroom or any space.
  • St. Tropez — Transport yourself to the French Riviera with the St. Tropez Collection. Inspired by coastal living, these furniture pieces blend rattan and bamboo materials with sophisticated designs, creating a sense of breezy luxury. 

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As a family-owned business with 25 years of experience, we take pride in curating furniture that exceeds expectations. Discover the perfect pieces to reflect your personal style and elevate your living spaces.