Hampton Outdoor Furniture

Find dining tables, chaise lounge, armchairs and coffee tables suitable for outdoors. Have a relaxing day outside with Hampton Outdoor Furniture.

Decorate Your Home With Hampton Outdoor Furniture

What is Hampton style furniture?

Hampton furniture style is typically white and bright. The simple colour palette creates an effect of an open space, making rooms look bigger while allowing key furniture and objects to stand out significantly more.

What are Hampton colours?

To achieve Hampton's look, colours should be mostly warmer and soft. You should aim to have Hampton furniture that is neutrally toned with no strong or overpowering colouring. Gentle colours like blues and greens are very effective along with lighter greys, whites and tan colours.

How do I get to the Hampton look?

Alfresco Emporium has a range of Hampton outdoor furniture designs to help you fill your space with a perfect Hampton look and feel. Our Hampton furniture collection is built from quality materials to last and look good inside or outdoors and will help make your Hampton style home a place to enjoy yourself and relax.

Our range include Hampton style dining tables, chaise lounges, armchairs, dining chairs, coffee tables, lounges and other furniture all suitable for the outdoors. Browse the Alfresco exclusive collection online or drop in to a store to build the perfect Hampton-style living environment.