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If you are looking for something a bit different to the classic red and green Christmas theme, we have come up with a couple of other looks you are sure to love.

White on White
White on white decorations create a snowy winter wonderland that feels elegant and sophisticated. Make sure to include ornaments that have a variety of different textures to create visual interest.

A collection of white candles.

Coastal Aqua
Being based on the coast, we of course love seaside inspired Christmas decorations. Glass starfish, aqua decorations and sea shell ornaments are a great way to create a coastal theme that reflects the by-the-sea, Australian experience of the festive season.

A collection of aqua decorations.

Aqua decorations with crown top.

Mermaid bookend in portland hutch.

Stunning aqua candles in bookcase.

Blue & White
If you love blue and white ceramics like us then you can always make your collection appear festive by adding pine sprays into your Dynasty ginger jars and bowls. We also have a collection of three glass tree ornaments that resemble ginger jars and feature swirling blue and white patterns.

Pine sprays in blue and white bowl.

Blue and white decorations on tree.

How will you be decorating your home for Christmas this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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