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Create your own luscious everlasting bouquet featuring stunning green eucalyptus, proteas and flowering gum with our easy step by step guide. You can create this arrangement in any size that works best for your space, our arrangement has been created to fit perfectly into our Shagreen Tall Vase.

Australian Native Flora Bouquet Made to Last 1

We start our arrangement with our Artificial Flower King Protea, for this grouping we have gone with three stems. Place the stems on a bench nearby as we will add them in as we build the arrangement. Next we add our Artificial Foliage Eucalyptus Spinning Gum, this stunning stem of lifelike foliage will help fill out your arrangement, adding height and a subtle pop of colour.

Australian Native Flora Bouquet Made to Last 2

Next we layer in two stems of our Artificial Foliage Protea Leucadendron Spray. This botanically accurate stem adds texture and depth to the arrangement. Place one close to the front and one at the back of your arrangement. We then add a second King Protea stem and our Artificial Foliage Flowering Spinning Gum Bush, featuring delicate and extremely life-like gum flowers to help often the overall look of this arrangement.

Australian Native Flora Bouquet Made to Last 3

We now add our third King Protea stem, and depending on how full you want your arrangement, we add a second stem of the Eucalyptus Spinning Gum. To finish off, we have included a stem of the Artificial Foliage Eucalyptus Tetragona and a final stem of theArtificial Foliage Protea Leucadendron Spray at the front of the bouquet.

Australian Native Flora Bouquet Made to Last 5

As this is a very organic, free flowing arrangement you can have a play with the placement of each stem. Then once you are happy with how it looks, You will find some of the stems, you can fold the bottom of the stems to reduce the length. Alternatively, you can cut the stems to your desired length.

Australian Native Flora Bouquet Made to Last 4

And there you have it, a stunning arrangement of Australian Natives that celebrates the splendour of the vast Australian landscape and adds the perfect touch of colour to your home.