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After a long day there is nothing nicer than turning on the shower and washing away the day; coming out fresh, relaxed and rejuvenated. This is made all the nicer and more luxurious with a bathroom that has little hints of luxury and a fragrance to match. Styling a bathroom can be very simple and even if your bathroom isn't the newest one on the block, a few simple styling decisions can turn it into a sanctuary fit for a queen.

Classic bathroom styling.

Rustic bathroom styling.

We all love a sparkling clean bathroom, so why not use this same aesthetic in your bathroom accessories. Marble, crystal and granite make luxurious accents to a bathroom and will also add a touch of glamour. Why not introduce your bottles of perfume to the mix, or add some stunning crystal bottles for more glamour. Team this with an orchid, fresh or faux, scented candle and crisp white towels to keep it fresh and calm. If you like a more casual “islandy” feel, yet don't want to compromise on luxury, why not go for some natural rattan. Available in different colours, the texture of rattan always has a sense of island retreat; and mixed with some fresh palm leaves and coconut body products you will feel like you have escaped to paradise.

Tropical bathroom styling.

Finally, finish your bathroom with a set of fresh, clean towels. There is nothing worse than tired, old worn out towels. If you are looking at those all the time, I'm sure you will start to feel that way. Choose a towel colour that reflects your lifestyle. If you have dirty boys coming home from footy, choose a darker colour, which is practical. However, if you want to continue with your fresh, elegant sophisticated feel you simply cannot go past all white. (and there is always our little friend NapiSan to help keep them looking new).

Buffet converted into a vanity.

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