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A selection of David Bitton products.

Since opening our doors at Collaroy in 2007, Bitton Gourmet has occupied the shelves, drawing in foodies from near and far to try (and often become addicted) to the vast range of chutneys, oils, jams and dressings. With its vibrant red labels and wholesome ingredients it's a product that is hard to walk past. What sets Bitton Gourmet apart from other store bought condiments you may ask? Well, the answer is simple, quality and flavour. Where else have you seen Monkey Nut Chutney, which can be used for adding to a stir-fry or a meat rub? Made with fresh nuts and coriander, just to name a few ingredients, it's a proven favourite with Alfresco customers.

Chef and director of Bitton Gourmet, David Bitton, has been a regular face appearing and sampling his fine food at various events and tastings at Alfresco Emporium over the years. He has kindly entertained customers at various cooking demonstrations and his character and charm reflects the character and charm of his creations. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are addicted to savoury flavours, make sure you come in and try some of his fine food and don't miss out on any future tastings or demonstrations.

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About David Bitton
Born in France, David began his apprenticeship at La Colombes in Paris at the age of fifteen. He continued progressing into top establishments across France, before moving to Australia on Anzac Day 1991, to continue his stream of success in both Sydney and Melbourne restaurants.

David became head chef at the Gekko restaurant at the Sheraton on the Park, where he first become a recognised talent in Australia and where he was given the artistic freedom that he had always been yearning.

In 2000 Bitton Gourmet was born, originally a very small coffee shop which has now expanded into a thriving community. David is the Managing Director, and his experience and style influences all the menus, from the a la carte to degustation dinners.

His passion and French flair is what makes Bitton and its French-Australian cuisine unique. The Bitton Gourmet product range, inspired by David’s French/Moroccan heritage, and his wife’s Indian, South African background, now sells nationally and internationally.

The range includes Asian Dressing, Monkey Nut Chutney, Orange Jelly and many others. In 2010, the 10 year anniversary of the café, David published his own cookbook called: Bitton: A French Inspired Cafe Cookbook selling 60,000 copies in Australia in the first year.