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With Christmas just over a month away, it is time to bring out your tree, decorations, lights and wreaths and start setting up your home for the festive season. When choosing a tree, in my mind, you can never go to big. Having said that, make sure you leave enough space for Santa to fill the bottom with all the presents.

Large snow covered Aspen tree.

Artificial trees seem to be the way to go, especially in the hot Australian climate. When picking your tree make sure you invest in quality. If you don't have a beautiful tree to start with it won't matter how full you make it with decorations, it will still be a spindly tree underneath. Choose a tree which is full of branches, often with Pineneedles both thick and thin, like you would find on a fresh tree. Remember, your tree will be coming out for many years to come so choose something you absolutely love! Our most popular trees (which have been for some years now) are the snow covered trees. They are whimsical and luxurious and transport you to a winter wonderland just looking at them.

Colorado green Christmas tree.

Small Trees on a Christmas Table

Tall and skinny tree in hessian sack.

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