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They may have been designed as a luxury bathroom range, but have you thought about all the different uses for the new marble and travertine toiletry range? We have put together some images to inspire and help you think outside the square.

Often it's nice to style fresh plants in your home and bathroom but it can be hard to find a different, sophisticated pot to reflect your decorating style. Well, why not consider using our travertine waste bin or turning one of our tissue box covers upside down.

Verona Waste Basket used as Planter.

Verona toiletries used as stationery holders.

The marble looks sophisticated in an office environment and also very practical. Trays, tissue boxes, canisters and cups are all part of this range.

Como tray and soap holder used as jewellery holder.

The marble tray is one of those pieces you will find a use for in every room of your home. From a coin, jewellery or perfume tray to a base for your handwash and body lotion, one tray just won't be enough.

Toilettries styled as toiletries.

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