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Add some sparkle to your home by decorating with gold. Timeless, glamorous and epitomizing luxury, this colour has a warm, sunny nature. Small accents of gold are all you need to create a statement in a room. Try cushions or lanterns with pops of gold to introduce the colour to a space. Gold is used to offset many different coloured gemstones in jewellery, so don't be afraid to mix it in with your favourite colours in your home.

A compilation of gold products.

Gold flame luminara candles.

Our new Gold Flame Luminara candles emit a beautiful warm glow and are flameless, so they are safe around children and pets. Prices start at only $24.95.

Gold paintings.

Gold in artwork is an instant way to incorporate the trend into your home or try a gilded frame for some Victorian-style glamour.

Gold border bedding.

Introduce a touch of gold to the bedroom with the Formentera bedding, which features a gold applique band on white Egyption cotton. We have navy and silver versions of this bedding available in-store and the gold can be ordered in on request.

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