at home with Alfresco

If you are a fan of the gorgeous Glasshouse triple scented candles, you will know how cute the little glass jar with lid is, that it comes in. Not only does the candle look great in your home, but you are also left with a cute, little glass container when the hours of burning have long gone. Like us, there is probably no way you could ever come to throwing out said jar, so we have put together some DIY ideas (Tara Dennis would be proud) for you to try.

Firstly, before the creative fun begins, you will need to clean out the remaining wax, if any. Our suggestion is to pour in boiling hot water that you leave to cool. The wax then separates from the sides and can be lifted out. For stubborn spots try putting it in the freezer and then prying the frozen pieces off. 

Empty glass candle holder made into a coastal tea light holder.

We made this one by simply hot gluing thick twine around the base and adding a small starfish. Cut the ends of your twine at an angle before gluing down to create a neater edge. The straight edges of the glass makes it easy to glue things onto the glass as it gives it more surface area to hold.

Empty glass candle holder used for q-tips.Use the glass jars in the bathroom to hold cotton buds, make-up & tooth brushes, hair ties, hair clips, etc.

An empty glass candle holder used as a planter for an orchid.Whether you are a fan of fresh or faux, the glass jar makes a perfect little vase to hold and showcase your flowers.

Empty glass candle holders used for sugar and tea.With its rubber seal, you can store dry goods in your kitchen. Once filled, tie on a chalk board label. They look that great you will want to keep them on display in your kitchen. Use this same idea in your home office, filling the matching jars with paperclips, ribbon offcuts, gift tags, and pencils and tie on the chalk board labels.

Driftwood tied around an empty glass candle holder.

Try using a hot glue gun to stick driftwood around the outside of an empty glass container to make this rustic candle holder. Make sure your driftwood is angled away from the flame so they are not at risk of catching alight.