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When it comes to classic interior design, you really can't go past blue and white. Read about the origins and history of classic blue and white ceramics.

1 minute readOctober 22, 2014

When it comes to classic interior design, you really can't go past blue and white. For centuries blue and white has adorned interiors in Asia, the USA and Europe, with palaces and castles holding some of the world's greatest collections of blue and white ginger jars. They date back to the Dynasty era and you can find some of the oldest relics in museums around the world.

One of the things I love about blue and white is how versatile it is. Whether you are decorating a country abode, a seaside escape or are inspired by the plantation style of luxury hotels such as Raffles in Singapore, blue and white ginger jars will generally be a feature. Mixing them with different foliage or in clusters, sets them off for maximum impact. 

A collection of blue and white jars in a timber hutch.

Think about the style you wish to create. If you love the Hamptons, then blue and white ginger jars are your best friend. One of the great beauties of the Hamptons region are the abundance of flowering hydrangea. Adding them to your blue and white room will complete the Hamptons style you wish to create. The same can be said for creating a plantation style room. Palm trees will give you the lift and freshness you need up against white walls. Using giant blue and white planters will give the feeling of grandeur and anchor your room.

Blue and White China Vases with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas in a blue and white ceramic planter.

For a modern edge, or if you wish to bring new life to your blue and white collection, mix in bright yellow, pops of hot pink or beautiful raw timber.

Have fun mixing your ginger jars. They are a great piece to collect, as you scour local markets or markets abroad, you will often come across these ceramics with little painted scenes telling a story of a bygone time.

Two blue & white jars with coral and books.

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