at home with Alfresco

Growing up I always remember a little corner of our living room that looked out onto the garden. Mum had a beautiful, old occasional table there that she re-decorated regularly. Her themes would change depending on the season or festivities of the time of year.

One of my favourite times was always Easter. She would create a magical vignette with birds nests, baby quail eggs, little chickens and not to forget Easter eggs (which for some reason gradually dwindled down day to day...must have been our dog, Woody....wink).

The simple idea of creating this vignette really added to the excitement of the season. Mum would then carry her theme across to the dining table and make us all feel really special with the feast she would create and all the little treats that adorned the table.

Maybe that's why both my sister and I love creating and decorating to this day. The great memories we have of growing up are our inspiration to now give back to our children and friends. If you have kids who are coming home with little Easter craft things they have made, incorporate them into your vignette or Easter table at home. Build around it to make a real statement. Incorporate flowers (faux or real) sculptural fruit like pomegranates or fresh artichokes, little quail eggs or even ostridge eggs if you can find them. Layer your table up and create something special for your friends and family to get excited about...but please, don't count the chocolates everyday, that would ruin half the fun.

Thanks for the memories (& chocolate) mum. Happy Easter.

Easter isnpired dinner setting.

Easter themes floral stand.

Rustic stand with white candles, flowers and eggs.