Everlasting Floral Arrangements Everlasting Floral Arrangements

Everlasting Floral Arrangements

Create a stunning natural floral arrangement that will last for years to come with our easy step by step guide.

1 minute readMarch 21, 2020

Create a stunning natural floral arrangement that will last for years to come with our easy step by step guide. You can create this look in any size that works best for you; we have gone with a luscious, natural vibe in an abundance which will really achieve that wow-factor in any room. We love that the overall aesthetic of this arrangement is not too structured and slightly more organic, which fits really nicely with the natural palette.

We have started by using a naturally dried palm leaf as the base of this look. The flat style of this leaf provides a solid background as well as adding height and a lovely texture to this arrangement. Next, we have used one of our Artificial Coral Branches and placed it slightly off to the side of the palm leaf. These stunning branches are crafted from a malleable plastic material which allows you to manipulate the branch as you desire.

Everlasting Floral Arrangements 1

Add a few branches of our Artificial Pampas Grass to achieve that luscious fullness, as well as two to three branches of our Artificial White Foliage and our Artificial Seeding Spray. This will begin to fill out the arrangement, as well create depth in the beautiful natural colour palette. 

Everlasting Floral Arrangements 2

We also added our petite Artificial Willow Bush to create a soft feel to the arrangement. Once happy with the placement of each branch, we then added two of our Artificial Flower Phalaenopsis Stem. Placed slightly off centre and cascading down, these stunning artificial orchid stems make the perfect finishing touch to this arrangement. They are incredibly life-like, and last all year round – they are certainly our kind of flower!

Everlasting floral arrangements 3

Lastly, we used a natural raffia ribbon to secure the arrangement in place. You will find some of the stems will be longer than others, and depending on what vase you have, you can fold the stems onto itself to reduce the length. Alternatively, you can cut the stems to your desired length.

Everlasting floral arrangements 4

Et voila! Your very own everlasting floral arrangement, that requires very minimal maintenance and no wastage!

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