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Create your own glorious everlasting flower arrangement for your Mum this Mother’s Day so she can enjoy the beauty of it for years to come with our simple step by step guide. A range of hydrangeas, chrysanthemums and magnolias in soft mauve tones compliment each other in our favourite Lion Ginger Jar in a White Gloss finish.


We start by selecting three base stems of different flowers in our chosen colour scheme, which is mauve tones. This step allows you to build a base of different sized flowers and colours which gives you more direction for your arrangement later on. We have selected Artificial Madonna Rose, Artificial Dahlia Hillcrest and Artificial Chrysanthemum in Blush  as the focal point of our arrangement.

Next we added stems of larger flowers into the arrangement to build a stronger foundation. We have used multiple Artificial Chrysanthemum in Dusty Mauve as they have amazing texture that fills space and adds to the visual impact of the arrangement.

Hydrangeas are not only a beautiful flower, but they are also an amazing addition to any arrangement as they hide the stems of the other flowers due to their width. Adding a range of hydrangeas in different colours and tones will create dimension in your final display. Artificial Hydrangea Mauve and Artificial Hydrangea Dusty Pink were selected during this step.

Arrangements don’t just need to include flowers but also leaves, branches and other stems of foliage. Here we have added Artificial Magnolia Bud Branch to create a point of difference. The multi directional branches creates interest to the eye whilst adding height and drama to the arrangement.

Next we added some stems of Artificial Magnolia Light Mauve to add some lightness and more dimension to the arrangement.

The final step is to add a smaller flowers in any gaps that may still exist. We love the Artificial Chrysanthemum Dusty Pink due to their duo colour tone and multiple flowers per stem.

Due to us selecting a range of artificial stems that are of different lengths we had to carefully fold the wire at the bottom of the stems to create a uniform height. Make sure when you are doing this step that you have already chosen your vessel so that you bend the branches to the perfect height.

Picking the right vessel for your arrangement is really important as it needs to compliment the arrangement and the decor of the room it is going to be displayed in. We selected the medium size of our Lion Ginger Jar in White Gloss, as it is such a classic style that works in most home decors. We recommend closing a neutral toned vessel as it allows the coloured florals stand out.

This simple yet breathtaking arrangement is so easy to put together yourself, it would be the perfect everlasting gift for your Mum this Mother's Day.