Creating an Island Style Home Creating an Island Style Home

Creating an Island Style Home

3 minute readMay 21, 2024

Bringing Raffles Era luxury to your home with timeless island style

 Inspired by the serene beauty of island life and the luxury hotels of the Raffles era, our new Island Style Collection combines natural textures, rich accents, and lush greenery to bring this aesthetic to your interiors. These suggestions will help you achieve a cosy, wintery island vibe perfect for the colder months.


Start with a Calm, Relaxed Base

The foundation of any island style home is a calm, relaxed base. Think of white lounges, dark brown furniture, and plenty of greenery.

Start with our 2 seater Clara Lounge in White

Upholstered in removable linen slipcovers, this luxurious lounge offers timeless beauty in a crisp white hue that complements any style interior. The lounge includes two slipcovers, one in white and one in latte, allowing you to keep your space looking fresh year-round.


Add Interest with Patterns, Textures & Accents

To capture the essence of island style, it's crucial to layer in patterns, textures, and accents that evoke a tropical paradise.

Patterns: Le Palm Print

Our exclusive Le Palm print is central to this collection. Incorporate this design through cushion covers, tablecloths, napkins, and lamp shades. The palm motifs add a touch of the tropics to any room, effortlessly enhancing the island vibe with tropical décor.

Textures: Rattan, Bamboo & Raffia

Natural textures play a significant role in island style. Our Rattan African Writing Desk, for example, introduces a tribal African vibe with its handcrafted design and practical storage. The woven rattan and bamboo elements bring an organic feel, while raffia and seagrass accents add depth and interest with tropical home accents.


Introduce Richness with Brass & Leather

Brass and leather accents add a layer of sophistication and richness to your island-inspired home. Our collection features several key pieces that incorporate these materials beautifully.

Leather Trunk Coffee Table & Bar Cabinet

Leather elements, such as the Leather Trunk Coffee Table and Leather Bar Cabinet, provide a luxurious touch. The bar cabinet, with its dark wood interior and stitched leather exterior, is both a functional and stylish addition to your living space.

Brass Accents

Brass lamp bases paired with our Le Palm lamp shades introduce a warm, golden glow that complements the natural textures. Additionally, brass palm candlestick holders can add an elegant touch to your tabletop settings.

Infuse Subtle Colour

While the island style is predominantly neutral, incorporating subtle colour accents can bring your space to life.

Rust Orange & Blue Touches

Introduce rust orange through orchids, which add elegance and a pop of colour. For a touch of blue, consider our blue dynasty pots, trinket boxes, or ginger jars. These elements provide just the right amount of colour without overwhelming the tranquil base.

Bring Tropical Flair To Your Walls

Introducing wall art into your home can elevate your interiors, adding personality and a focal point to any room. Our Pineapple Print Artworks are an excellent example of how a well-chosen piece can bring a touch of the tropics to your decor.

Bring the Outdoors In

To truly embody island style, it's essential to bring the outdoors in. Large palm pot plants and vases filled with palm leaves can create a tropical ambiance. These natural elements, combined with our tabletop décor, complete the look.

Tableware Décor - Tablecloths, Napkins, Placemats

Our bamboo folding chairs, palm print tablecloth, and napkins set the stage for an island-inspired dining experience. Complement these with our rattan and bamboo cutlery, brass palm candlestick holders, and newly arrived glassware. Adding real palm leaves and coconuts as a centrepiece will tie the theme together beautifully.

Extend Island Style to Your Outdoor Area

For those looking to extend the island theme outdoors, creating a cosy island-style outdoor area this winter is a must. Think fire pits, our orange dancing orchids for a splash of colour, and our Outdoor Hampton Furniture. Enhance your outdoor space with our tropical décor collection.

Outdoor Hampton Furniture

Create the perfect outdoor lounge room with this generously proportioned and super comfy 3 Seater Hampton Outdoor Sofa, armchairs, and side tables, in natural with linen-coloured cushions. Made of woven polyethylene, our premium collection is suitable for the outdoors and is fabricated to endure sunlight UV exposure, extreme temperature variances, mould, and mildew.


Additional Comfort

For added comfort, incorporate Bemboka woollen throws, rugs, and cushions. These elements will not only keep you warm but also enhance the island vibe of your outdoor space.

Embrace Island Elegance in Your Home

Creating an island style home is all about embracing natural elements, rich textures, and subtle accents. By incorporating pieces from our Island Style Collection, you can transform your space into a tranquil oasis that reflects the beauty and serenity of island living. Whether you're starting with a calm, relaxed base or adding interest with patterns and textures, our collection has everything you need to achieve this timeless look. Explore our range and bring the island style to your home today. 

Need assistance with perfecting your tropical styling? Contact our interior styling team for expert guidance.

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