at home with Alfresco

Food and catering is just half of what to consider when hosting a dinner party for your friends and family. We want to help you create a visual feast of a perfectly styled tablescape that will ultimately elevate the overall enjoyment of your guests food and dining experience. Our Visual Merchandiser and in house stylist, Sarah, shares her tips on how you can achieve this for your next soiree.

To start, consider the theme or mood of your event as this will be the foundation of your tablescape. We have chosen to go with an elegant traveller inspired theme in our latest photoshoot.

Add personality and textures onto your tabletop with your choice of dinner setting and cutlery. We have decided to use our hand-painted and embossed bamboo dinner setting, with our natural bamboo cutlery set, adding a warm earthy layer to our styling theme. To continue to add depth to this look, we have selected our rattan placemats and napkin rings to tie these raw textures together. You may want to consider softening your look by introducing textiles and linen. We have gone with our classic hemstitch linen napkins, and incorporated two into each place setting to add that extra hint of luxury to our look.

Experiment with foliage and grouping of curiosities, including our cowrie shell turtles and golden seahorse statues, to add pops of colour and fun into your table. Hand-picked greenery from your garden is a perfect way to bring the outdoors in and helps soften the look of your table too. We have incorporated our artificial magnolia arrangement set in an elegant glass bowl to create a show-stopping (and long lasting) centrepiece for our table.

Lastly, but most importantly, dinner parties are all about the ambience you create for your guests. No one likes to be sitting under harsh lighting, so we have chosen to layer our new flameless candles to create a warm, flickering candle glow without the fuss of wax spilling and candles blowing out. All you need now is to open a smooth bottle of wine, a roaring fireplace and good hearty food!