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Timber bowls with ferns.

I'm sure you would agree that nothing livens up a room like a fresh bunch of flowers or a giant display of palm leaves. Bringing these objects of nature to a room, whether fresh or faux, brings a sense of calm and vitality to your home. With artificial flowers now looking more real than ever, there is a huge trend towards faux flower displays. Using these artificial varieties allows you to create arrangements in vessels that you would struggle to create with fresh flowers. Consider introducing large timber pots and bowls, giant clam shells or wicker baskets. Basically anything with an opening is your friend. Ginger jars, glass mason jars, vases of all shapes and sizes, baskets or even little bins and tissue box dispensers turned upside down; now I bet you didn't think about that one.

Another advantage to using artificial flowers and foliage is maintenance. You don't need to worry about changing the water, picking up and trimming dead leaves or petals, and when you have created your little masterpiece you know that it will last and not be thrown out after a week or so. Orchids are one of my absolute favourite flowers and fortunately the artificial varieties look identical to the fresh. I remember a customer telling us once about how she caught her husband watering her artificial orchid plant, and he couldn't believe it, he had been doing it for years!

A selection of planters.

Clam shell with fern.

Tierra pots in ink.

Tierra pots in ink, white & aqua.

Verona Waste Basket used as Planter.

Dynasty jar with fig leaf.

Dynasty with tropical fronds.



Apple branches in apple tub.

Seagrass baskets with palm tree.



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