Create an India Hicks, Island style home Create an India Hicks, Island style home

Create an India Hicks, Island style home

Learn how to decorate your home in a relaxed island style from world-renowned designer India Hicks.

2 minute readAugust 18, 2023

Our Admired Style Icon India Hicks

Adored style icon and famous designer India Hicks lives a charmed life in the Bahamas where she develops, and refurbishes classic island style homes. India is a multi talented artist and entrepreneur, with her talents extending to writing her own style inspiration books. India is world-renowned for her breathtaking island style, and ability to create spectacular tablescapes for any event. Born from British and design royalty, she has developed a design empire from her family's enclave in the Bahamas, integrating British design with Caribbean culture.

India's charming life in the tropical Bahamas inspires her island style.

Our Interview With India Hicks

In 2021 we had the privilege of hosting a virtual Q&A in our Collaroy store with India Hicks, as she discussed her book "An Entertaining Story". At this memorable event, India explored the fusion of her gloriously Bohemian style, with the subtle art of creating the perfect tablescape.

Virtual Q&A with India Hicks at our Collaroy store in 2021.

From her family home in England, India chatted with our guests offering fascinating insights into her life, and style inspirations. So many of our style influences and inspirations here at Alfresco Emporium align with those of India and we continue to be fascinated by the incredible books that she has produced. 

Watch a sneak peek of our virtual Q&A with India Hicks below to see tips on creating unique, and memorable island style dining for your home and for entertaining guests at events.



Watch the complete India Hicks Q&A, for more island styling inspo here.

Books By India Hicks

India's life in the Bahamas was first introduced in 2003 with the publication of her first book "Island Life", featuring stunning tropical style photos, and behind-the-scenes content. From India's first book; "Island Life: Inspirational Interiors", we have been enchanted by her unique bohemian style, which beautifully combines everyday living and entertaining with her own unique style. Explore our India Hicks collection of inspirational island style reads, including "An Entertaining Story", "A Slice Of England" and "Island Style"

India Hicks' inspirational island styling books.

India Hicks' Island Style

India's interior style is a reflection of her lifestyle in the Bahamas, drawing upon her personal style and the romantic style of her home, and natural surrounds. At Alfresco Emporium we are inspired by the mix of island and British style, with its romantic aesthetic ideal for a warm, tropical climate.

India Hicks expresses her tropical Bahamas lifestyle through her design style.

Get The Look - Elements Of Tropical Interior Design

Natural elements are a key ingredient in creating a tropical look. Relaxed island style homewares are key, such as, coral, shells, wicker baskets, straw hats, palm leaves and fresh pineapples, mixed with a palette of white, bamboo and rattan furniture. There is true romance that comes from decorating your home interior with the natural beauty of the outdoors. 

You can make your home feel tropical with island style décor pieces featuring statements shells, everlasting orchid pot plants, dynasty designs and our signature Bahamas cricket balls. Complement your living spaces with relaxed furnishings featuring statement pieces such as our bamboo chairs, and rattan furniture, and relaxed island style tableware. Explore our Island Collection to turn your home into a tropical oasis, inspired by style icon India Hicks. 

India Hicks inspired, tropical island styling at the Alfresco Emporium Collaroy store.

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