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I am pleased to announce we have just received our latest shipment of Sid Dickens blocks all the way from Canada.

The Spring 2014 (Autumn 2014 for us down in the Southern hemisphere) collection titled "Joie de Vivre" meaning "Joy of Life", is a very diverse collection of memory blocks, featuring blue and white toile, gold leaf, florals, repeat pattern and even some more masculine designs using red and turquoise. The inspiration of this collection clearly comes from new life, new love and the season "Spring".

sid dickens aqua

In 2010 when my brother and sister in law were married, Sid Dickens released his "Marriage" block. As Michael, my brother, had already been a collector for years, I wrote to Sid Dickens to see if I could have the tile personally signed. After many emails and chats with our contacts in Canada, a signed tile arrived making it the perfect wedding gift.

Four years on Mike and Claire are happily married and expecting their first child. Now, you can imagine our surprise when we received the Sid Dickens email listing all the new designs, only to see two very fitting tiles in the latest collection; "Girl" and "Birth".

Our shipment of the "Joie de Vivre" collection arrived from Canada last Monday, and I'm delighted to share that on Thursday Mike and Claire welcomed their first born baby girl into the world. Great timing once again Mr Dickens.


One of the things I love about the SD memory blocks is that you can really tell your own life story by what tiles you put together. I'm sure as soon as Mike has a moment between changing nappies and hanging out washing he will be proudly adding his two latest tiles "Girl" and "Birth" to their SD story in their home.

sid dickens pink

About the collection:

Spring returns, like an old friend, the first glimpse of whom brings such joy! In this spirit, SD returns this season with nine new Memory Blocks designed to refresh and bring warmth to any room. This collection embodies the attitude of the French phrase of "Joie De Vivre", meaning: "an exultation of spirit... a comprehensive joy, involving one's whole being." We invite you to take in the new colours of Spring.

"Joie De Vivre's" colour palette is light and fresh. Sumptuous blooms pop against a serene porcelain-white backdrop. Bold, graphic images in "Fanfare" and "Rock Star" strike a modern eye, from Egyptian mythology to medieval iconography, reminds us that we are all connected. SD celebrates the fertility of spring with the "Birth" block. Love, gratitude, and a rich vitality in every aspect of life shine in this collection.

sid dickens blue

As you bring your own distinct colour to the world, you are a gift of joy to others. Let us celebrate this season of life while it is upon us!