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Kinfolk is broader than just an interior style, it is a state of mind that emphasis a return to nature and a more mindful way of living. Based around the slow living movement and encapsulated by the magazine of the same name, kinfolk lifestyle emphasises simplicity and authenticity. As the name implies, the movement is more folksy than hipster, think eating an all-organic meal outdoors off enamel plates, keeping a terrarium, making your own kimboucha and of course DIYing your own macrame wall-hanging.

Borrowing from Scandinavian and bohemian design with a more industrial twist, the kinfolk style values eco-responsibility with an emphasis on vintage, hand-made artisinal and up-cycled items.

To achieve this look at home, incorporate vintage trunks, macrame or handloomed ethnic cushions mixed with raw materials, such as, old elm timber, stone, rattan, linen, leather and fur. Add the industrial twist with black metal accents like in our Boston book case below. Remember though to keep the look bright and Scandinavian with plenty of white and light coloured timbers.

Plants are a must for this look, but use them as an accent only to avoid the look slipping into jungalow, a style that will inspire another blog post in a week or two.

Bohai bench with leather ottoman and cushions.

Leather cushion on white Malawi chair.

A collection of products to get the kinfolk look.

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