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Marius Fabre Soaps

Marius Fabre has been crafting traditional cauldron-made soap in Salon-de-Provence, Marseille since 1900.

3 minute readMay 12, 2023

Marius Fabre Soap, A Story Of A Long-Standing Family Craft

Enriched with tradition, the Marius Fabre Family have been proudly crafting cauldron-made soap in Salon-de-Provence, Marseille in the South of France since 1900. They have continued on the legacy of their great-grandfather 'Marius Fabre' 123 years later who paved the way for the Marseille soap empire. 

To be called 'Savon De Marseille' or 'Marseille Soap', there are three criteria which need to be met. The soap has to be made within the Marseille region, cooked in cauldrons and contain at least 72% vegetable oil, with no animal fat. In 2020 the great granddaughters of Marius Fabre eradicated the use of palm oil from all products used throughout the company to conserve the environment. 

The Fabre family have maintained their authentic soap production through their classic Marseille Soaps, and Black Soaps infused with the signature Marius Fabre olive oils. The hidden recipe lies in crafting natural soap that is healthy for body use, while sustainable for the environment. The successful venture is propelled by a team of forty people with a shared passion. The Marius Fabre soap factory is operated near the cauldrons with huge floor slab moulds of the Marius Fabre soap.

“Marius Fabre soap is not only
a story of long-standing craft skills,
above all it’s the story of a family”

The Traditional Marius Fabre Philosophy

Since 1900, all 'Marius Fabre' products have been crafted according to the same philosophy using only pure ingredients, free from animal fats, artificial colourings and parabens. The soaps are sustainable in their design, with biodegradable components and recyclable packing, without animal testing. 

The Marius Fabre soaps are 100% vegetable-based, produced exclusively from rigorously-selected vegetable oils. They only contain natural ingredients, unlike the majority of commercial soaps and shower gels.

The 'Marseillaise' production guarantees 'extra pure' soap, they are gentle on the skin, natural and efficient suitable for all skin types, and particularly beneficial for sensitive skin e.g. babies, people with allergies. The 'Marius Fabre' olive oil properties offer them a premium moisturiser, keeping the skin hydrated. The soaps are packaged in a cube or in flakes, and useful for gently washing delicate fabrics such as baby clothes and delicate materials for example wool, silk or lace. 

The pure vegetable-based formula is environmentally-friendly, free from phosphates, artificial ingredients and palm oil. The Marseille soaps work to conserve rivers, without polluting rivers. They're presented with minimal packing,  and have a long life span if they're left to dry out, making them cost-effective.

*Retrieved from SVHO/99 dermatological study by the Dermatology Department at Montpellier Faculty Of Medicine.

The Unique Expertise In Producing Marseille Soap 

For centuries, the Provence region has been renowned for its soap, under the production regulations first outlined by Sun King, Louis XIV (Edict of 1688). Sun King reigned over France for 72 years, transforming the monarchy, and establishing the country as a dominant European influence, in an era of art and literature.

There is minimal room for error throughout the traditional methods followed in the Marius Fabre factory. The Marseille soap is baked in a cauldron and dried by the northerly wind of the mistral, the production process takes two weeks, consisting of solely vegetable oils, including their core olive oil ingredient. To this day the Marius Fabre factory workers follow the same methods, in accordance with the regulations first laid out by Sun King, Louis XIV dating back to the 1900's.

The craftsmanship, patience and quality standards set out within the Marius Fabre factory guarantee consistent and premium quality of the product, in combination with the family expertise passed down through four generations.

“Know-how, patience, and meticulous standards
are our rules of the art at the Marius Fabre soap factory...
for Marseille soap of unrivalled quality.”

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Traditional Family Craft

Marius Fabre Soap

The Marius Fabre family have been crafting traditional cauldron-made soap in Salon-de-Provence, Marseille since 1900.

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