One Bookcase Three Ways One Bookcase Three Ways

One Bookcase Three Ways

This week we demonstrate how you can take one bookcase and style it three different ways.

2 minute readApril 11, 2017

This week we demonstrate how you can take one bookcase and style it three different ways. This post also includes our new Portland Single Bookcase, which is also available in white double, black single and black double.

White bookcase styled with blue and white accents.

As many of you know one of our favourite colour combinations has to be blue and white, so we used this colour scheme as our inspiration for the above bookcase. Sticking to a theme, be it colour or a certain style such as coastal or tropical, helps to unify your collection.

Here are a couple of more tips for styling a bookcase;

1. Add your favourite objects to a bookcase to help add visual interest and showcase the things you love.

2. Displays can look odd if you have everything the same height, try putting your books both vertical and horizontal to change up the heights.

3. In the bookcase above we have kept everything centered and not touching the sides to create consistency and unity. There is nothing wrong with objects touching the sides of course, but try to have this happen on more than one shelf for visual balance.

4. Creating little clusters of similar objects keeps your shelves from looking messy, for example, we have grouped our blue and white Dynasty Jars together and similar looking books together.

White bookcase styled with leather and aqua tribal accents.

In the bookcase above we have gone for a more masculine vibe with dark leather accents and tribal themed decor.

5. You can showcase a coffee table book with a stunning cover by leaning it up against the back of the bookcase. You could also use a small artwork or mirror instead.

6. In contrast to the blue and white image we have arranged the books so that they touch one side of the bookcase. On the top shelf they touch on the left and on the next shelf down they touch on the right. This creates a sense of balance. If they were both touching on the right hand side the shelves would have looked visually too heavy on one side.

7. If you have an element that stands out such as our leather tray, box and frame it can help to separate these elements out. Make sure that they look balanced, do this by not stacking them directly above each other on the shelf, try one centered, one left, one right.

White bookcase used as a hutch in a kitchen.

You don't have to style a bookcase with books! Try putting a bookcase in a kitchen and styling it with your favourite plates, glass jars (for easy to reach kitchen essentials) and stacks of pretty tea towels. We love adding baskets to our bookcase so we can store less attractive items somewhere that is easy to get to. Why not incorporate some artificial hydrangea flowers for a year round touch of colour? We especially love this bookcase for the kitchen as you can use the drawers to store cutlery, extra tea towels and so much more.

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