at home with Alfresco

Our florists, from The Flower House at our Collaroy store, share their top tips below for keeping flowers fresh and creating stunning arrangements.
Bright flowers from The Flower House.


Nicole at The Flower House.
1. Flowers should always look natural. Snip off rubber bands and allow their natural flow, shape and beauty to shine through...never manipulated into shape.
2. Try something different at home. Group your favourite three vases in varying heights and sizes and in each, place one type of flower en-masse so you finish with a stunning grouping of flowers and foliages with different textures, heights and fragrances.
3. My personal favourite at home is a vessel filled with lush green foliages or tropical leaves. Keep it seasonal by using congo leaves, ginger, magnolia or even bundles of fragrant rosemary.


Kathy at The Flower House.
1. Re-cut your fresh flowers stems every second day and put fresh water in the vase.
2. Spray cut hydrangeas and also potted hydrangeas with a water spray everyday.
3. If Hydrangea flowers are droopy place in a bucket of water with flower heads submerged for a couple of hours. Hopefully, they should come back to life.

The Flower House Flowers White


Niki at The Flower House.
1. Look to nature for inspiration and replicate its simple beauty.
2. Think about the mood you want to create and choose flower colours accordingly. For example, blue hydrangeas have a relaxed feel, where as white roses have a more formal, traditional feel.
3. Creating a range of layers and textures is a great way to put together an interesting arrangement.