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Looking for the perfect dessert for Christmas? We love this Pineapple Rum Trifle recipe because it is refreshing on a traditionally hot Australian Christmas Day, looks stunning with lots of layered colours and most importantly tastes amazing.

125ml hot water
10gm sachet gelatin
650ml sweetened pineapple juice
100ml dark rum
400ml cream (whipped to soft peaks)
12 spongefinger biscuits
600ml custard (thick consistency from packet)
825gm tin sliced pineapple rings (cut in half)
2 punnets strawberries (hulled & cut in half) 

1. Make the jelly in advance so it can set. Put 125ml hot water into a bowl & whisk in gelatin until dissolved. Add 375ml of the pineapple juice & 50ml of the rum. Stir to combine & pour into a 2.5l trifle dish to set in the fridge (approx. 6 hours).
2. Spread half of the cream gently over the set jelly.
3. Put 275ml of pineapple juice into a bowl with 50ml of rum. Cut 12 sponge fingers in thirds & soak in rum juice for 1 minute. Remove & arrange around the edges & then the centre of the trifle dish. Keep remaining biscuits for another layer.
4. Spoon the custard over evenly.
5. Arrange a second layer of soaked biscuits.
6. Decorate the sides of the trifle dish first with pineapple & strawberries. Then fill the centre with more fruit, reserving some to decorate the top.
7. Top with remaining cream & fruit.
8. Refrigerate & served chilled.

Recipe courtesy of Anna Gare.

We created our trifle in the Anna Gare Lucy Footed Trifle Serving Bowl.

Pineapple Rum Trifle Recipe by Anna Gare