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Michael and Jan’s recent buying trip to the U.K. happened to fall over the Valentine’s Day celebration and love was definitely in the air! After finishing lunch, Michael and Jan decided to wander back to their hotel, only to accidentally discover the stunning florist’s window displays, featuring the most incredible installations you could ever imagine. Fresh flowers poured out of the windows and brought this beautiful artistry onto the streets for everyone to enjoy. The installations were beyond what we see in Australia, we are definitely taking note!

Along the journey, Michael visited Petersham Nursery; a stunning lifestyle destination that draws its philosophy from all aspects of nature. Brimming with fragrant jasmine, draped in dense greenery and decorated with antique furniture, mirrors and paintings; it is definitely a place worth spending a few hours getting lost in.

We hope you enjoy some of our favourite floral displays from their trip.

London Window Floral Display

Floral Display

london pink flowers

London Floral Cart