Show-Stopping Christmas Ham Recipe & Styling Show-Stopping Christmas Ham Recipe & Styling

Show-Stopping Christmas Ham Recipe & Styling

1 minute readDecember 7, 2023

Glazed Ham Recipe - A Festive Family Favourite

As the festive season approaches, there's one table centrepiece that never fails to steal the spotlight – the Christmas ham. Beyond being delicious, the ham stands as a symbol of family traditions and festive gatherings.

At Alfresco Emporium glazing the ham is a well-loved family tradition, passed down through many generations. For an instant crowd pleaser, glaze, bake, style with ribbon in a ham stand, and enjoy with your family and friends!


  • 1x whole Leg of Ham (approx 5-6kg with a good fat layer)
  • 1x Jar Batch by Batch Bourbon Maple Glaze
  • Kale Bunch
  • ½ Cup Dark Brown Sugar
  • ½ Cup Orange Juice
  • ½ Cup Maple Syrup
  • Cinamon Quill
  • Dried Orange Slices

Serving Elements

  • Ham Stand
  • Serving Platter
  • Hessian Ribbon
  • Red Ribbon
  • Festive Pick

Method To Roasting Ham

  • Remove the skin from the leg of ham, score the fat and stud the ham with cloves. 
  • Place all ingredients into a heavy based pot and gently simmer until the sugar has dissolved. 
  • Pour your Bourbon Maple Glaze all over your ham for delicious festive flavour.
  • Roast the ham on a wire rack suspended over a deep baking tray of water for about 1½ hours, basting it with glaze every ten minutes, then let it cool. 

Flavour & Style Your Ham In Festive Elegance

  • Drizzle your cooked ham with the Bourbon Maple Glaze
  • Create a base by evenly spreading kale bunches around your the outside of your platter.
  • Place your roasted ham in the centre of your platter, wedging it into a grand ham stand and layer some dried orange slices on top for a festive aroma.
  • Style your roasted ham by wrapping the ham leg in rustic hessian ribbon, and tie a traditional red bow around it.
  • Place a delightful festive pick inside the ribbon for an enchanting touch, ready to carve.



Carve Ham Ready To Serve

Follow Our Handy Carving Tips:

Use the Right Tools: Gather a sharp carving knife, fork or tongs, and a stable cutting surface.

Create a Flat Surface: Begin by making a horizontal cut to create a flat surface on the ham, preventing it from rolling.

Slice Thin and Even: Position your knife at a slight angle and make thin, even slices, adjusting thickness to your liking.

Follow the Bone Carefully: When carving a bone-in ham, follow the curve of the bone to create slices and release them from the bone without cutting too close. 

Serve your gourmet delight for the whole family to enjoy!

We'd love to see your Christmas Ham creation!
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