at home with Alfresco

Aghhh, sigh. Spring is here at last...and when I think "Spring" the first word that comes to mind is "flowers". It's almost like Mother Nature knows just how to lift our spirits after the cold, winter months. At the moment the florist at our Collaroy store is bursting with new season roses, lavender, freesias and everything in between. The heavenly scent just hits you when you walk through the doors and the mix of pastels, bright colours and all whites seem to cater to everyone's tastes.

A stunning collection of purple flowers.

When you put together a posie for your own home, unless you are buying purely for scent, think about the colours you want to pull out of the room and make that the focal colour of your flower arrangement. It will really pop when you add it to the room.

Spring flowers on coffee table.

A poise of flowers on a dining table.

Another way to arrange your flowers is to start with your feature flower and work from that. For example, my favourite flowers are Cymbidium orchids, which often have a contrasting colour at the centre. I like to pick the perfect Cymbidium and then add flowers and foliage to bring out the central colour. All in all, how could you ever go wrong with fresh flowers. They lift the spirits, add colour and life to a room, and they also make the perfect Thinking of You gift. Enjoy.

A close up of a Cymbidium Orchid