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Style Icon: India Hicks

Welcome to the world of style icon India Hicks. Read about her new book and her charmed life in the Bahamas.

2 minute readApril 27, 2015

Cover of India Hicks' new book Island Style.

Welcome to the world of style icon India Hicks. India Hicks' grandfather was the great-grandson of Queen Victoria who went on to become Supreme Allied Commander, Viceroy of India, First Sea Lord, and Chief of the Defence Staff. India's mother was a bridesmaid at Princess Elizabeth's wedding to Prince Phillip and married the influential interior designer David Hicks. India lives in the Bahamas with her partner David Flint Wood where she has renovated and developed several plantation style homes and owns a boutique selling clothes, bed linens and decorator items. India was a bridesmaid to Lady Diana Spencer at her wedding to Prince Charles, who is her godfather.

India Hicks' lounge room with library..

India's life in the Bahamas was first introduced to us in 2003 with the publication of her first book “Island Life. After years of waiting we are very excited to have received her latest book “India Hicks, Island Style. This book is filled with beautiful photography capturing her everyday life in the Bahamas with her family and beloved pets. Every page is an inspiration, particularly seeing her unique decorating style and how it fits into a family home. Her style is a combination of British past and a richly flavoured Bahamas life. In “India Hicks, Island Style” she invites readers into the charming world of Hibiscus Hill and her life with partner David, their five children, three dogs, two cats, five love birds and tortoise. 

Interior details of India Hicks' home..

India's interior style is a total reflection of her lifestyle in the Bahamas. Some of us only dream of visiting, let alone setting up home there, but you can draw upon her style and recreate this romantic Colonial style in your home and surrounds. Flipping through the pages it is clear that natural elements are a key ingredient in creating an island style. Coral, shells, wicker baskets, straw hats, palm leaves and fresh pineapples are found page after page. Mixed with a palette of white and bamboo furniture there is a true romance which comes from bringing nature indoors and surrounding yourself with natural beauty.

India Hicks Outdoor Dinner Setting

For years at Alfresco Emporium we have been inspired by British Colonial style. It is classic, romantic and suits our warm climate. Even as we go through our Alfresco Emporium catalogues from previous years you can see this influence on our pages. One of the greatest charms to British Colonial style is it never dates. You can keep adding over the years to end up with your little piece of Hibiscus Hill charm, as India Hicks enjoys in her Bahamas life day to day.

Get the India Hicks look with Alfresco Emporium.

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