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Marshall Watson The Art Of Elegance Book Cover

Marshall Watson is an American interior designer known for creating textually rich interiors filled with simple luxuries. In his latest book, The Art Of Elegance (available online), Watson has dedicated each chapter to a different family home where he has captured the family's aspirations, lifestyle and environment and translated it into welcoming home. From Fifth Avenue classics to East Hampton escapes, Californian modern to Swedish abodes, the book covers a range of different styles tailored to their owners, but they all have the same classic elegance that defines Watson's style.

To get the look at home, we have put together a collection of items that encapsulate his opulent style. Sophisticated crystal lamps, elegant nickle vessels, classic blue and white china (a must in a lot of Watson's interiors) contrasted with textural rattan and masculine leather.

Marshall Watson collection of products to get the look.

Blue and white ceramics styled by Marshall Watson.

Marshall Watson soft blue interior.

Marshall Watson soft aqua interior with blue and white ceramics.

Marshall Watson Interior.

Marshall Watson blue, white and yellow.

Marshall Watson soft aqua kitchen.

Marshall Watson blue and white interior.