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Timothy Whealon is an American interior designer who specialises in high-end interiors that are both modern and timeless. His accessible style mixes different eras and cultures to create spaces that reflect the inhabitants personality. His latest book, In Pursuit Of Beauty, captures an airy New York penthouse, a Mediterranean-style villa to his own Southampton cottage.

In Pursuit Of Beauty Book Cover

White bedroom and bathroom from In Pursuit Of Beauty

Blue staircase from In Pursuit Of Beauty

Lounge rooms from In Pursuit Of Beauty

A double page spread from In Pursuit Of Beauty.

To get the look, try mixing high end materials, such as, marble and linen with more eclectic pieces, such as, the African Bamileke table and giant clam. We love how Timothy plays with combining different patterns to infuse the space with personality. When combining pattern make sure you stick to a common theme, this could be scale, colour palette or pattern style. Check out the mood board below for some more ideas to get the look.

A selection of Alfresco Emporium products to get the coastal look.

Dorset Lounge, Outdoor Cushion, Clam, Bamileke Table, Outdoor Rug, Marble Tissue Box Holder, Marble Tumbler, Basket, Dynasty, Orchid.