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Inspired by India Hicks's latest book “Island Style” we thought we would showcase some beautiful plantation style rooms and tips to share with you.

The key to plantation style is keeping it inline with nature by using the tropical outdoors as your mood board and inspiration. Mixing raw timber and bamboo with white painted furniture allows the grain and texture in the timbers to really stand out. With a backdrop of white walls, white plantation shutters and white sheer curtains all your chosen decorator items and vintage finds will compliment beautifully and not have to compete with a complicated backdrop.

Shell cushions, bamboo furniture and rattan. Bamboo Side Table White, Chapati Platter, Jute with White Piping Cushion, Seashell Cushion Rectangular Natural, Carver Chair White.

Palm print cushions. Pacific Landscape Cushion, Bamboo Love Seat White, Throw in Sea Foam. Pacific Palms Cushion, Hudson Furniture Avenue Chair White, Balmoral Jute Rug, New Hampshire Coffee Table.

Furniture choice is very important in creating an authentic plantation style. In British Colonial times there were no chain stores where furniture was mass produced and all matchy-matchy. Choosing interesting, occasional furniture will add character and also make it unique to you. The Vermont Sofa and Avenue Chair are traditional, classic and timeless, yet comfortable with there plump luxurious upholstery. Mix these pieces with solid timber or bamboo furniture to create a more relaxed, island-feel.

Shelves with coral and shells.

Tropical Table Sol Bowls Yellow, Bahamas Coasters, La Chamba, Pineapple Decor Small, Hemstitch Napkin Lemon, Rattan Napkin Ring Brown.

If you are looking for a bit more colour in your life, but still love being surrounded by plantation style, incorporate bright colours from nature, such as those found on tropical birds and flowers. The hot fuchsia pink of bougainvillea is a fabulous colour to mix with your plantation palette. The green, white and fuchsia look amazing together. Consider breaking up your green and fuchsia with white bleached coral or a glass jar filled with polished shells or white sand.

Use motifs and patterns of palm trees, pineapples, tropical birds and sea life to bring the outdoors in, and although you may not live in the Bahamas with the right styling you can certainly feel like you are.