Styling An Outdoor Room Styling An Outdoor Room

Styling An Outdoor Room

Now that the warmer weather has arrived we are all rejoicing in being outdoors again.

1 minute readOctober 19, 2016

Now that the warmer weather has arrived we are all rejoicing in being outdoors again. Spending weekends and after school hours by the pool, long Sunday lunches with family and friends or even just taking a quiet moment and finding a shady spot from the sun to relax and read a book are all the joys of this time of year. Now is the perfect time to set up shop, so to speak, in the great outdoors.

Extending our indoors to outdoors has never been easier. These days there is a vast selection of outdoor furniture, ranging from imitation wicker, timber furniture and outdoor couches and armchairs. BBQ's and outdoor kitchens are now the hub of entertaining and having a dedicated outdoor room seems to be where the family spends their whole summer.

Succulents in timber bowl.

Outdoor lounge in navy and white.

Clam shell full of succulents.

When styling your outdoor space remember to look for fabrics which are designed to handle the harsh sun and all weather. Yes, like anything, if you bring your cushions in from the elements they will certainly last a lot longer, but make sure you check out all of the amazing fabrics which are now on offer in outdoor gradings. Style your outdoor room as you would the inside of your home. Use rugs, specifically designed for the outdoors, to ground the room and give you something soft to sit on. Introduce a dining space and also a lounge area and decorate it with plants, pots and candle holders which will make a beautiful space to dine in once the sun goes down.

Bright outdoor cushions.

Outdoor rug in natural.

Think of the practical use of your room as well. If you have a pool close by make sure you have plenty of hooks for beach towels to be hung from, and large baskets to throw wet items and pool toys. A basket filled with board games is always fun to have close by and if you have littlies make sure there is a big toy box ready at hand.
Once you have your room fully stocked and styled you will be able to spend hour after hour out there without placing a foot inside.


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