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Brighten Up With Aqua

A little splash of blueish-green can liven up any interior. Whether it's aqua, sea glass, turquoise, teal, azure or 'blueish-green', whatever you call it, can totally transform and freshen up your room. Aqua (and all its surrounding tones) gives a sense of calm, freshness and can liven up a space, which may have previously only been neutral. It is the colour of the ocean, which I think is why many of us are drawn to it. It's a colour which conjours up memories of relaxing on holidays by the water; of being stress free and if you allow your imagination to roam free it even has a sea-salt scent to it. Aqua is such a popular accent colour to a neutral palette. It works so naturally because it reflects nature. Mixing aqua with white and sun bleached timbers is timeless and casual, and yet still has an elegance to it. So go on, be bold or subtle, and bring a little aqua into your life.

Aqua vases with horse photograph.

Aqua demijohns on shelf.

Aqua bath towels.

Aqua pineapple lamp.

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