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Create a show stopping succulent centrepiece for your dining table or entry way that will impress your guests. An abundance of different succulents contrasted against vintage elm is the perfect classic yet stunning way to introduce a coastal spin on your home design style.

How to Succulent Arrangement 1

Start by selecting a shallow vessel that is a substantial size in comparison to your feature plant. Our Bohai Basin is the perfect size for an extravagant centrepiece whilst featuring it's stunning vintage elm timber.

Next, place your largest potted succulent in the centre of your vessel. This plant should be of a decent height to begin your arrangement.

How to Succulent Arrangement 2

Then to create the base and fill the rest of the vessel, add an abundance of Artificial Santolina. You will now be able to insert larger succulents and detailed foliage such as Echeveria and Pagoda Succulents.  

To create this overgrown look, we have used our Artificial Hanging Pearls that perfectly drape over the edge of your vessel.

Once you are satisfied with how your arrangement looks, place it in the centre of your dining table or entry way console to be a main feature of your home.

How to Succulent Arrangement 3