at home with Alfresco

When it comes to the art of making a fine cocktail there are a few simple steps to follow to make things flow a whole lot smoother. Not to take away from the funky young bar tenders whom pride themselves on their 'art', but once you get yourself a little organised you may find making cocktails at home just as much fun as lining up in a bar and having someone make them for you.

Tall & thin drink dispenser on bamboo tray.

Step 1:
Get organised! As you can see we have some gorgeous little home size bars which just ooze style, and you can leave it set up in your lounge so there is no need to constantly be packing up. They add character to your room and have a bit of a 'Raffles Hotel' vibe, which is fun in itself.

Step 2:
Make sure your bar is heavily stocked with limes, lemons and mixer drinks. The more the better! You can never have too many fresh limes in a mojito, and seeing the bright colours on your bar will draw you in to start mixing and shaking.

Step 3:
Hardware: Cocktail shaker, tick. Muddler...tick. Bottle opener...tick.

Bamboo ice bucket & bamboo bar table.

rattan butler's tray & corana tray.

Step 4:
Make sure you have all your different glassware clean and ready to go. Some of our bars have a purpose built area to store your glasses and if you are running a little short of space, a butler's tray might be a great way to go. It will allow you to row up all your glasses and let both yourself and guests just help themselves.

Step 5:
ICE! It is worth investing in an ice bucket. It will save you multiple trips to the freezer and there is nothing worse than running out of ice. If you have a nice big bucket you can also use it to keep drinks icy cold.

Step 6:
Finally, if you are catering for a small crowd, a drink dispenser not only looks fabulous but is a great way to mix and serve multiple cocktails and drinks at once. Make a big batch and let your guests serve themselves. They also look great on a bar filled with flowers and fruit mixed in with your chosen cocktail.

Oops, we almost forgot the vital Step 7. HAVE FUN! Cheers.