Trend Forecast 2015 Trend Forecast 2015

Trend Forecast 2015

Last week a few of the girls from our Collaroy store were lucky enough to go to a trend conference put on by The Paint Place in Collaroy. Read about the latest colour trends.

3 minute readMay 12, 2015

Last week a few of the girls from our Collaroy store were lucky enough to go to a trend conference put on by The Paint Place in Collaroy. A representative from the International School of Colour & Design (ISCD), Murobond and Vision Wallcoverings spoke about the latest trends in colour, paint and wallpaper.

Lucy Sutherland, the general manager from ISCD, spoke about the emerging colour trend of combining petrol and persimmon. Petrol is a broad colour descriptor that covers charcoal and deep blue through to teal and when combined with muted orange, warm timber and coloured metallic really pop.

A selection of Alfresco Emporium products showcasing petrol & persimmon. Leather stool $319, Brogo Fleece Throw Ink used in backdrop, Lantern used as vase $139, Pepper Parrot $89, Papua Necklace on Stand $299, Island Trading Co Candle $69.95, Natural Histories Book $34.95, Living with Wine Book & Leather Bar Cabinet.

There is also an emergence of "softly softly" colours, with very light dusty blues and greens coming to the fore. These soft, chalky colours really suit a coastal theme and by-the-beach lifestyle. In Scandinavian design there are a lot of dusty pinks, which when teamed with petrol colours feel modern and luxe without being too girly.

Light blue and green colours in a bowl. Large Acacia Bowl $54.95, Cotton Throw Sea Foam & Ice Glass Beads $69.95.

Designers are focusing a lot more on handmade products where you can see the artist's creative hand in the work. As technology and mass production has increased exponentially in the last decade, the market is starting to value craftsmanship and the personal touch that handmade products have.

A selection of Alfresco Emporium handmade products. Serena Plate 30cm Orange, Sardinia Dinner Setting & Anchor Tablecloth.

Marble is a popular choice for kitchen bench tops, but we are starting to see it more widely used in unusual applications or combined with new materials, such as leather. We are happy to reveal that we will soon be adding a new type of marble to our beloved Milan collection of toiletries called Travertine.

Upcoming Travertine Collection.

Metallics are starting a soft evolution into brass and rose gold tones, while continuing our love of copper. We love incorporating metallic into a room through lamps, trays and decorator items for a subtle take on the trend.

A styled shot of Alfresco Emporium products featuring brass. Orchid $449, Brass Pineapple Plate $79.95, Barclay Ginger Jars, Bird Cage $349 & Island Trading Co Candle $69.95.

Rowena Judd from Murobond spoke about their exciting collaborations with two of our favourite designers, Sibella Court and Jason Grant. Working together with Murobond, these designers created their own custom colour palettes. Sibella Court's colours are great for the beaches with their soft, muted tones that are very easy to live with and reflect our laid back, coastal lifestyle.

Sibella Court's & Jason Grant's palettes.

As you would expect from Jason Grant, his colours were much more upbeat and full of personality. We love that one of the colours he was inspired to create was based on the shorts he happened to be wearing that day; the colour is called Short Shorts and it is a soft salmon pink. One of his most popular colours is Hello Yellow and looks fabulous on front doors. Front doors are often the best place to experiment and play with colour as they are easier to update and who doesn't want to come home to a bright, welcoming front door. Jason also has a great range of water themed colours that are very popular and are perfect for creating a coastal look.

Fiona Glynn, from Vision Wallcoverings spoke about natural elements, which are big in wallpaper design at the moment, with lots of timber grain, metals, concrete and exposed brick being used to bring textural elements into a room. Thanks to The Block, grass cloth wallcoverings are very popular and now not only on feature walls, but entire rooms.

Concrete & grass cloth wallpaper from Vision Wallcoverings.

In terms of patterned wallpaper, retro geometric designs in modern colour ways are on trend as well as more eccentric and bold wallpaper designs, such as palm fronds and digital prints. Large digital prints of world murals are great for kids rooms or even wallpaper that looks like vintage crates, which we thought would be excellent in a wine cellar.

Wallpaper from Vision Wallcoverings.

Thank you to The Paint Place and to the speakers on the night for inviting us along and letting us share the latest trends with you all. We definitely felt inspired and we are looking forward to incorporating some of these trends into our own homes.

Please note this is an unsponsored post, we did not receive a commission for including the above companies.

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