Bormioli Premium Glasses

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A perfection of form that valorises the Italian tradition of fine drinking, this flute is part of a collection of wineglasses for professional tasters.

Premium wineglasses are manufactured as a single piece with a long drawn stem and blown bowl, using transparent, gleaming superior crystal glass. Well-proportioned, streamlined and cold cut to achieve the fine rim that it such a pleasure to the lips.

Features & Sizes
- Champagne Flute 250ml & 24.5cm
- Chianti 380ml & 22.6cm
- Chardonnay 590ml & 23.8cm
- Cognac 645ml & 16.2cm
- Pinot noir 660ml & 22.5cm
- Produced by Bormiolo Rocco technology
- Lightweight and slimline
- Extremely resistant in dishwashers

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