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When it comes to interiors there is nothing crisper than a home decorated in blue and white. It is timeless, fresh, and calming; and it's one of the reasons we have decorated our store for over seventeen years with this colour palette. White furniture is often a great starting point for a blue and white room and what better way to add additional character than with this white bamboo furniture. The latest additions to our furniture catalogue, this stunning bamboo furniture adds character and interest to any room. Available in white, black, natural and painted colours this collection can be used as accent pieces or the base for a full interior.

White bamboo bookcase styled with blue and white accessories.

White Bamboo Coat Rack styled with blue and white.

Interesting 'hard to find' pieces such as the bamboo drinks stand and the coat rack with mirror bring function and style together. There is a desk inspired by India Hicks and fold up chairs which are a handy addition to any home. Drag them out for extra seating around the pool or balcony and with the bright painted colours they are great for kid's rooms teamed with the bamboo bookcases.

Bamboo Collection

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