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Bamileke Tables

Like a piece of art, this Bamileke table adds character and uniqueness to any room. Explore the collection here!

1 minute readSeptember 15, 2015

Bringing something handmade into your home not only adds character, but also interest and a sense of something being “special”. Whether it is artwork, sculpture or furniture they all personalise a space and make it unique.

If you are looking for an occasional piece with character, why not consider one of these African Bamileke tables. Available in different sizes and painted white they blend into many styles of rooms and add interest and charm.

Bamileke in lounge room setting.

Hand carved in Africa from one single tree trunk, these amazing stools are traditionally used in ceremonies by the chieftains of the Bamileke tribe of Cameroon. Most Bamileke art (and the work of other kingdoms of the Cameroon Grasslands) relates to kings and important chiefs, who defined their power by the display of prestigious objects during important ceremonies. Stools were among the most important of these objects.

The intricately carved pattern features a web-like pattern of Xs and rosettes that catch the light and cast shadows. Use as a side table, coffee table or for extra seating...and they look great in kids rooms as well.

Bamileke Stools
We used Luminara flameless candles under the stools to showcase the cutouts.

Chieftain on Bamileke Stool.

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