at home with Alfresco

It's hard to believe it's that time of year again, but here at Alfresco Emporium we have been bursting to share our 2015 Christmas collection with you. It has been months, actually, just over a year to be precise, of planning and in the past week all our staff including visual merchandiser Emma, graphic designer Melanie, and director Jan, have been hands on perfectly placing fine baubles and decorations on trees for our Christmas catalogue. We have also been up ladders, crawling under furniture to find power points, climbing over Christmas tree branches and at last have finished trimming the store at Collaroy. Our visual merchandiser, Emma, will be packing her glitter-filled Christmas bags and heading up to our Bundall store mid this week to wave her magic wand all over the shop just in time for this coming weekend.

Jan, Emma and Melanie setting up a Christmas tree.

We invite you to come in early this season and absorb yourself in the magic of Christmas. Some of our decorations are limited, which keeps them special and you won't see them in any other stores. Our Canadian artist friend, Sid Dickens, has released a couple of special tiles to celebrate the holiday season with scenes of a very traditional Saint Nicholas and children playing in the snow...must haves for any collector. There are hand painted glass decorations, red woodland berries and pinecones covered in snow; and for those who like a more traditional Australian coastal style Christmas I'm sure you will love the blue and hessian fabric range we have designed. Miniature deckchairs and sail boats, all white shells and fish garlands combine together to remind you of Christmas by the sea.

A preview of our red and white Christmas display.

Nautical decorations on our Christmas tree.

The magic doesn't stop there. You will have to wait until the first week of December to see what will be adorning the windows for Christmas this year. Our catalogue is available online or please pick up a copy in store next week.

Happy trimming and cheers to a fun festive season.

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