Chyka Book Signing Chyka Book Signing

Chyka Book Signing

big thank you to everyone who attended Chyka Keebaugh's book signing on Tuesday night at the Collaroy store, we had such a good time!

1 minute readMay 3, 2018


A big thank you to everyone who attended Chyka Keebaugh's book signing on Tuesday night at the Collaroy store, we had such a good time! Chyka demonstrated how to create a stunning bouquet and gave some great tips like "more is always more", which works particularly well when creating lush flower arrangements. Don't be afraid to add more of something or worry too much about making everything perfect, as there is often beauty in imperfection. Chyka loves to look to nature for tips on what goes together, sometimes this is a great source of unusual combinations that work. A tip we will definitely be trying at home was to put your flowers outside overnight as the cold will refresh the blooms (best suited to non-frosty states of course).

Chyka answered a few of our cheeky questions on what it is really like behind the scenes on The Real Housewives of Melbourne... She diplomatically declined to comment on some of her, how should we say, more "controversial" housewife colleagues.

An inspirational business women, we were interested to learn about Chyka's business journey from husband and wife team in a tiny kitchen to highly successful event management business.

Chyka Keebaugh's Book.

Fans hold Chyka's book.

Chyka creating a stunning flower arrangement.

Crowd watching Chyka's flower demo.

Helen Stevenson won the auction for Chyka's flowers.

Fans waiting for their books to be signed.

Guests enjoying Bocelli Proseco.

Fans of Chyka holding up their new books.

Adele Wildash with Chyka Keebaugh.

Guests having their books signed by Chyka.

Phillippa's Nuts and Chyka's Lemonade

Alfresco Emporium staff with Chyka.

A collection of Alfresco products Chyka loves.

Chyka loved our Dynasty Jar collection of blue and white ceramics, especially the pagodas, which are available in store only (sml $259, med $495 & lge $1,095). Our Press For Champagne and Press For Gin signs were also a hit and will be back in-stock in 9 weeks. One of our lovely guests, who has just delivered identical triplets (yes, triplets!) showed this elephant to Chyka, who was delighted by the elephant's peek-a-boo performance. You can press the elephant's foot and it sings peek-a-boo while covering its eyes with its ears... too cute. The elephant is available in-store only, $85.

Chyka was also delighted to explore our flower house and collection of gourmet food.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who came on the night and made it such a great event.

View Chyka's book >
We have a few signed copies left, so let us know at checkout if you would like yours signed. If you are heading in-store, Collaroy has a few and Bundall will get theirs mid next week, Wednesday 9th May. Please note stock is limited.

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